Medley Labs

At Medley Labs we identify & qualify the next business opportunities by turning the innovation process upside down all this thanks to our venture approach and entrepreneurial startup background.

Medley Labs is a designation for the companies that are built from the ground up, by the people and skills that sit within Medley's four walls. This plays into our vision of being a platform for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Why Medley Labs?

By bringing together, what we believe, to be the best and most talented people under one roof, we create not just a startup workplace, but rather an ecosystem that breeds successful startups on the back of a self-created culture.

Our philosophy is that a successful company is a result of; a market, a product and most importantly the people behind it. A market can carry a product, a product can carry a market, but without the skills and courage of the people behind it, there will be neither a product nor a market. Sometimes investing in the future means you must create it yourself.

Our end-to-end venture building journey

1. Discovery

By identifying inside gaps and outside trends we are able to explore new business opportunities and qualify the right ventures to exploit first. Getting out of the building and engaging with customers we quickly validate the problem-solution fit with our iterative design thinking approach.

2. Incubation 

Market validation is always our first obsession, building the first prototype to bring paying customers in the first months is our belief. Together with recruiting the entrepreneurial A-Team to make it a success.

3. Acceleration

Moving the needle by scaling up the execution: deploying first MVP’s, setting up the operations and boosting the sales & marketing. Expanding the paid customer base and driving the key metrics to achieve the MVB (Minimum Viable Business).

4. Transfer

Shaping the best legal, organizational, and financial structure for the new venture. Organizing the transition toward the target corporate vehicle. Transitioning the sales pipe, operation, and IP.

Companies built in Medley Lab:

Below you will find a list of the companies that have been built in Medley Lab. These are all companies that were founded and built by people who sit within Medley's four walls.


EasyGreen is not just a classic solar panel or heat pump company, but rather a company that takes care of the entire energy optimization-process and advises customers from A to Z. Via AI, content, and much more, we make this process easy and painless for both the customer as well as ourselves.We want to make it easy and simple for the consumer to optimize their household and become green.

At EasyGreen, we firmly believe that each and everyone of us can make a positive impact on the climate. EasyGreen is the perfect combination of the digitalworld and the world of craftmanship. We define ourselves as a digital craft company or more popularly a Greentech-company. With us, the customer receives everything from planning to installation from a single source. Thanks to our installation network and our serviceminded electricians, we provide the full experience everywhere in Denmark.


We invest with a delta-neutral mandate and use our proprietary strategy to generate yields when markets go up and down. Arbitrage trading, market-making, and similar techniques form the basis of our investment strategy.The crypto economy is about democratizing ownership, including 100’s of millions of unbanked people to basic financial infrastructure and much more. We are helping to accelerate this growth by making markets more liquid.

As the digital economy grows, we want to support the industry's growth while delivering one of the market's leading risk-adjusted returns to our investors.


"M2" uniquely enables digital and traditional businesses with the possibility to distribute Insurance by providing access to attractive custom-tailored product lines and operational expertise, thereby making it possible to sell and embed any insurance through any distribution channel.

"M2" is a full-stack Insurance enabler and provides a full-stack B2B2C insurance-as-a-service infrastructure empowered by industry-leading underwriters. Our product platform and smart APIs empower businesses to integrate insurance solutions into their portfolio or product landscape. Our experts take care of all technical, and regulatory requirements and provide operational support and execution; therefore, you can care about the essential part of the business: your customers.